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Quarterly Awards – 2015 Quarter 3

December 22, 2015

Firstly; the Hall of Honour wants to apologies for the delay in these awards. As they were the first to be done by the fleet under the new Hall of Honour; there was discussions within the BFA as to how these would be determined and what the internal process would be to award such awards. That has subsequently been completed and now we have a defined process, so here is hoping that the 4th Quarter awards are sent out much quicker than this time.

The Bravo Fleet Player of the Quarter and Simulation of the Quarter awards acknowledge the fine service and commitment to Bravo Fleet made by a particular player and simulation in the preceding three months. Every month, Commanding Officers from around Bravo Fleet submit nominations to their Task Force Commanding Officers for Player and Simulation of the Month, and these awards are made up of nominations from the three months within the quarter. The 3rd Quarter awards nominations are made up from those fine players and simulations who were acknowledged with their monthly awards in the months of August, September and October. Each award is voted on by all members of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, and a simple majority vote determines the award winner, with any ties broken by the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer.

It is now my duty, as Deputy Hall of Honours Administrator to announce the Bravo Fleet Player of the Quarter and Simulation of the Quarter for the 3rd Quarter 2015

Lieutenant Commander Samuel Aubrey, USS Scorpio (Task Force 9)

Sam has in the past year shown himself a great member of the Scorpio but in recent months he has also become a beacon within the Task Force. On more than one occasion he has volunteered to help with the TF canon and is in many ways more involved than even some CO’s in the past. I could not think of a better recipient for the award this month.

USS Black Hawk (Task Force 9)

The Black Hawk has consistently pushed out good and enjoyable story, both the CO and crew are highly active and exemplary examples of what BF stands for.