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Promotion Criteria Updates

June 6, 2020

Hello Bravo Fleet!

Our new model is always a work in progress. We want our award and rank schemes to reward people for the work they’re doing, and encourage people to sometimes try out new activities, engage in this wider community we’re building. With that in mind, the Office of the Chief of Staff has updated the promotion criteria, from Cadet Freshman Grade right the way up to Lieutenant Commander. You can find it all on our ranks page.

These changes have come about from seeing how much people are engaging with certain things, whether our expectations were realistic, and adjusting accordingly. Some of the most notable changes are:

  • Different activity threshold for Star Trek Online player activity
  • Smoother promotion at Cadet levels, reflecting one’s path through joining sims or STO
  • Lower activity threshold for competition participation

If a Bravo Fleet member prioritises one activity, such as simming or STO, they can make great progress that way. But because we’re a bigger community than that, getting to higher ranks requires spreading one’s wings a bit. This doesn’t mean people will have to play STO or join a sim to get ahead if they don’t want to, but if you care about advancement in the Fleet, it’ll be easier if you try out something else a few times – competitions or hanging in the Discord make great, casual contributions to the Fleet community without a huge time commitment, for example.

We also added some clarifications on how the criteria works. For instance, joining a Bravo Fleet game can now contribute to promotion throughout the Cadet ranks- but only once, and then you have to have a new activity. The ‘exception’ here are in the activity awards. If you join and are active on a sim, churning out a lot of posts and racking up Legions of Honour, so long as you meet the required number of Legions of Honour for each rank, it can go towards your promotion every time. And the activity award requirements listed at each rank are your total, not since your last promotion. This means that, while we want people to try their hand at a lot of community activities, committing and delving deep into one thing still pays off!

These updates should also help existing players know what to put down when they self-report activity, which is the best way to support your Task Force Senior Staff in giving you awards and promotions! If it gets you an award or a rank – list it!

If you have any questions about this, please bring them to a member of the Office of the Chief of Staff or your Task Force Senior Staff, and we’ll do our best to help you – or update our guidelines appropriately if they’re not clear! This is always a work in progress, and the system is here to reward you for doing the things you love. I look forward to giving out even more awards for the varied and interesting things Fleet members are doing in the months to come.