Promotion Ceremony – Hawaii

November 18, 2017

From Command
Area of Operations Task Force 93
Commandant Vice Admiral Anin
Good day,

The USS Hawaii is currently under the Command of Akio Tachibana with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Per the requirements of By-Law 2.1, Section 2 part 4 of the Bravo Fleet rules and by the official declaration of Starfleet Academy Commandant, Admiral Hars Darax. Mister Tachibana has completed the Starfleet Academy Command Course. Therefore I, Vice Admiral Anin, are authorized to promote the Lieutenant Commander towards the full rank of Commander and all rights and responsibility that come with it.

We of the Task Force 93 Senior Staff, want to congratulate Commander Akio Tachibana, played by Beeman, towards his achievement of this new rank.