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Passing of an Alum

October 21, 2020

Cordell Garrett, who many of you know as a former long tenured TFCO in Bravo Fleet in the mid-to-late 00s, who is probably best known as the CO of Deep Space 7 during its heyday, who also played Travix and Rolf Emerson, passed away last month. Cordell was known throughout Bravo Fleet has a really positive voice and a really kind soul, and I along with many of the current BFA, had the pleasure to serve with him on the BFA for many, many years. Cordell poured his heart and soul into Bravo Fleet for many years, and his labor of love was without a doubt Deep Space 7 and the canon he built around it. I don’t think its any exaggeration to say DS7 was probably one of, if not the most active sim Bravo Fleet may have ever had. Last I had personally spoken to Cordell was in the early 2010s, but at that point he was mostly leaving the Trek clubs behind in favor of trying to write and publish his own novel series.

Although Cordell hasn’t been a member of Bravo Fleet for a long time, I’m confident in saying that it was an important part of his life for many years, and he was an important part of all of our online Trek lives for many years. He will be missed.