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Operations Office Report #31.2 – Staffing Update – New TF17XO

February 16, 2024

Hello Bravo Fleet!

Another short announcement from the Operations Office regarding our wonderful staff.

We are happy to announce that Commander Stephanie Andrade will join Captain Callen Varro as Task Force 17’s newest Executive Officer. Andrade, better known as okstarz/Orila Karai on Discord, sent in a very strong application that we were pleased to receive and take further. 

We wish the newest Task Force 17 Senior Staff team all the best for the future as they continue to promote membership engagement and excitement across those deep space explorers and among our wider community.

Please join me in welcoming our newest Task Force Executive Officer to the Operations Office!

In the meantime, we are still looking for someone who may be interested in joining the Task Force 72 team in the near future. If you are considering it, please get in touch with me before filling out the application form.