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Operation Homestead: Task Force 86 Results

November 5, 2021

The results are in, the scores are tallied, and the medals are distributed! We hope that all who participated had a metric tonne of fun shooting bubbles, cubic experimenting, owl piloting and solving a few puzzles to boot! Perhaps more importantly than the shinies (gasp), we appreciate you joining in and keeping this community alive and kicking through these once-cold-but-now-sort-of-muggy autumnal months.

The results as they stand are:


Bubble Shooter

Our sharpest shooters of the bubbley variety, doing their bit to contain the Azure Nebula, are:


Cog Owl

Jumping their owls through the void, collecting the most morsels of toxic spent fuel, are:


Cubic Experiment

Masters in the movements of the cube, these guys have directed their six sided shapes across three dimensions to glory:


Zigzag Challenge

Zig-zagging their way to solving the riddles of the Tkon, the top puzzlers are:


Double Puzzle

Prizes for un-puzzling the puzzle that contained 100% more puzzle than many puzzles go to:


A further congratulations to all our medal winners, and we hope you’re looking forward to the rest of Operation Homestead! Do remember to check out the six main competitions of this event here. There is still over month to go before the deadline for these, so plenty of time to get your submissions in.

Don’t delay, stake your claim to glory and honour!