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Operation Homestead : Task Force 17

October 10, 2021

The space around the as yet unnamed M-class planet was littered by a single small moon and a truly impressive ring system, for a terrestrial world that is. Blues and greens mixed with reds and purples in bands that mixed with the blue and green marble they orbited to give a truly impressive sight. And in all of this, appearing as if out of nowhere, came along the USS Tadine as she decelerated from warp speed.

An older Danube-class runabout, she was fitted out for survey work currently, one of the reasons why a few ships in Starfleet, like TF17’s flagship, USS Nobel, kept them in inventory, aside from system compatibility issues. Bunks enough for the ten-person crew, couple of small lab spaces, sensor rollbar fitted – Tadine was here to explore this world and the system at large.

“We’re secure from warp Lieutenant,” Ensign Wadi, announced from the helm. “Would you look at that,” he followed up as his eyes drifted from his readouts to the window in front of him.

“Don’t know about you Ensign,” Lieutenant Jack Harrison, said as he stepped between the two seats at the front of the runabout and placed his hands on the back of either seat, “but this, this is what I signed up for.” He had been given command of this mission and the grin on his face hadn’t disappeared since he’d read over the long-range sensor report and threatened to now try and annex his entire face now that he saw his prize.

“Blue shirts are all the same,” Wadi replied with a grin on his own face.

“Hey, I resemble that remark,” said the woman in the seat beside Wadi, who’s uniform colour matched Harrison’s and put her in Wadi’s grouping. “Initial scans confirm the atmosphere is safe. Even found a couple of spots we can set down that shouldn’t get any wild weather for a few days.”

“Nice Sophia. You pick the spot, give it to Oru here and let’s get this ship on the ground. I’ll go let everyone else know.”

As it turns out, he didn’t have to go far as the others had gathered at the back of the cockpit to get the first glimpse of their destination. Everyone was ecstatic to get back to Starfleet’s core purpose, especially TF17’s – exploration. They’d been given a new world, a new starsystem even, to explore.

While USS Nobel acted as a hub, the center of efforts in this star cluster, it was the lucky crews of runabouts and shuttles, or the likes of crews deployed from USS Luna and Shackleton who were going to get to do the actual exploring.

“Well folks, we’re here,” Jack said to everyone. “Seek out new life and new civilisations.” The others nodded, some smiled, a couple even talked amongst themselves as they looked not at the planet but the rings. “Ensign Wadi, take us down please.”

To: Fourth Fleet, Task Force 17 Commands
From: Captain Sudari-Kravchik, Commanding Officer, Task Force 17
SUBJ: Re: Operation Homestead

To all commands,

As per VADM Seagraves’ command, Task Force 17 will be recommencing all exploratory operations immediately. Any ships needing repairs or refits may seek those services where they can or may return to USS Nobel to receive servicing as capable in order to assist in our new orders.

As Fourth Fleet’s dedicated exploratory arm, I would like to remind all ship captains of our greatest calling:

To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!

Operation Homestead

It is Task Force 17’s absolute pleasure to be the first called upon to kick off Operation Homestead! A chance for the task forces to get back to what they do best and for us in TF17 that’s exploring the great unknown! Whether it be in the Gamma or Delta Quadrant, or realms even further afield as occasionally happens to Starfleet vessels, that’s were you’ll Task Force 17.

TF17 is known exploration for the sake of exploring and generally just wanting to see what’s around the next star, nebula or spatial anomaly. This naturally leads to many a first contact scenarios across the galaxy as places where we haven’t gone before just so happen to occasionally be places were others call home.

In that light we’ve themed our competitions for everyone in that direction!


Task Force 17

What can I say about TF17 over the last wee while? Aside from the obvious of coming out on top of the Fleet Action that is? It was an absolute pleasure working with such an awesome group of people as we went full into the Tkon Crisis, throwing ourselves into the competitions and fiction with such gusto!

Walking away with so many competition medals, the amount of fiction we produced…truly amazing what not just TF17 did but Bravo Fleet as a whole!

I want to give specials thanks and kudos to our big award winners from the Tkon Fleet Action. If it wasn’t for you guys, we wouldn’t have taken first place!

Treylana – Jonathan Archer Order of Merit
I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – this guy! Well deserved!

OKStarz – Jonathan Archer Order of Merit
For someone who joined right before the FA, OKStarz nailed it!

Mark – Star Cross
Nicely done Mark and much appreciated!

Twd – Star Cross
Awesome effort mate and a great help in the FA!