Jonathan Archer Order of Merit #1

Sep 23, 2021
OKStarz may be new to Bravo Fleet, joining us just before the Fleet Action got underway, but dove right into the excitement and action! Participating in 26 competitions and gaining 26 Challenge Coins (that’s almost every single competition), OKStarz placed three times throughout the course of the Fleet Action which included a Silver Star Medal and two Bronze Star Medals being awarded.

His contribution mightily aided to the writing undertaken by TF17 which was followed by OKStarz receiving a well deserved battlefield promotion at the end of Phase 2, literally ten days after being promoted to Lieutenant Commander! Without a doubt, his energy and contributions were amazing! His support has been noticed and appreciated along with helping to drive enthusiasm and engagement for the entire TF throughout the Fleet Action. All of this helped propel TF17 to victory!

I am sure everyone in Task Force 17 is excited to see what else OKStarz will continue to do after this great start to his time in Bravo Fleet. So for a stellar performance throughout the ‘Echoes of the Tkon’ Fleet Action and being such an awesome team player, I hereby nominate OKStarz for the Jonathan Archer Order of Merit!