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New Years Report: Part Two

January 2, 2021

Happy New Year, Bravo Fleet!

As you’ve seen from Vince’s announcement, our community has accomplished quite a bit over the past year. We launched a whole new model for our community, including the first fleet-wide event and a new system to recognize the efforts of our members. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of those recognized in Vince’s announcement. I won’t repeat the details, since you can read all about it here, but I will say that Vince left out someone who was a crucial part of these changes. This person has worked tirelessly for the past year and a half to rebuild the fleet and ensure a prosperous future for our community.

Before the holiday break, I convened a secret session of the Admiralty to discuss how to handle this person. By unanimous vote of the Admiralty, with the blessing of several former Bravo Fleet Commanding Officers, I am proud to award Vince his second Medal of Honor. As the highest honor available in our community, we didn’t take this decision lightly. The recipient must be someone who made significant sacrifices, showed continued service, and went well beyond the efforts and ability of other members. Vince’s contributions over the past year alone, as well as his continued vision for our community, has proved him worthy and deserving of our highest honor.

I won’t go into too much detail, since Vince’s accomplishments cannot be summed up in a single announcement. Instead, I’ll link you to sections of his award nomination, written by members of the Admiralty and the Conservatorship:

Vince, on behalf of the Admiralty, the Conservatorship, and the members of Bravo Fleet, thank you for your passion and dedication to our community. Bravo Fleet wouldn’t be what it is today without you.