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New Task Force 17 Command Staff

October 10, 2023

Over the past month, it’s been my pleasure to serve as Task Force 17 Commanding Officer, with the excellent assistance of Commander Khim Samnang, aka Z. We’ve worked hard to position the task force for success under new leadership, and I’m now able to announce that Z will be taking over as Task Force 17 Commanding Officer, effective today. I’ve been impressed with their willingness to learn and ask questions, as well as their ability to interact with fellow members. Helping them as Task Force 17 Executive Officer will be another face familiar to the TF17 lounge, Lieutenant Commander Silas Crowe, aka Hurkxion, who has been an eager cheerleader to support others and improve morale for as long as they have been in the fleet.

Congratulations to both Z and Hurkxion as they take on these new roles!