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New sims join TF99

February 19, 2018

  Good afternoon,

 It’s with great pleasure that I announce some new additions to Task Force 99.

 First, we have three sims that moved over from TF93 to TF99. The USS Southern Cross, S.F.I. Delphi, and the USS Venture. These three sims will continue with their shared timeline in the new Ulysses Divison.

 Next, we have our very first Discovery Era sim in Bravo Fleet. The USS Hades is a Walker Class sim operating in the 2350s during the brief by violent Federation/Klingon war.

 Finally, we have a new Klingon sim joining the Ares Operational Theater division, the IKS Hos Suvwl’, a Vor’cha class attackcruiser. The sim was active as an independent prior to joining Bravo Fleet.

 Welcome to all the new faces in TF99!



James K’Temoc Bremer, VAdm, SF
Commanding Officer, Task Force 99
USS Yorktown NCC-1717-F