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New Magistrate!

August 7, 2021

Recently our Magistrate, Sean, came to Emily and I informing us that, with his ever-growing mountain of work and things going on in real life, he felt it would be best if he stepped aside as Magistrate. We talked through some things but, in the end, Sean felt that he couldn’t give Bravo Fleet the attention it needed as Magistrate, and we reluctantly agreed with him stepping aside.

To replace Sean is no small feat. He has had exactly all the skills, personality, and even-headed approach that Bravo Fleet looks for in a Magistrate. Since most of our disputes are handled through mediation and talking, we would need someone with a similar skillset who also knows the rules of Bravo Fleet inside and out. After discussing with the Senior Staff a few options we felt were on the table, we felt that the best candidate for the job would be Tia. Tia was most recently Loremaster of Bravo Fleet, but long before that in the echoes of time, Tia was the Bravo Fleet Judge Advocate General under what was the early years of what is now our Magistrate Code. On top of being intimately familiar with the Magistrate Code as a former JAG who saw through its process several times, Tia was also heavily involved in the first year of what became the reformation of Bravo Fleet in 2019, where we were consistently fine-tuning the Charter and Magistrate Code.

I’m pleased to announce that under Article V, Section 2 of the Bravo Fleet Charter, the eligible voters of Bravo Fleet Command have unanimously confirmed my nomination of Tia as our next Bravo Fleet Magistrate. Congratulations!