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New Bravo Fleet Security Officer

February 11, 2024

I will try and keep this short and sweet. In a recent announcement, I opened up applications for the position of Bravo Fleet Security Officer after FG had stepped down. This was a bit of uncharted territory because this was the first time that the Security Officer position had come open in over three years (the position had an entirely different name!) and the first Bravo Fleet Senior Staff position to directly take applications going back at least that far. We received several applications for the position, which is no surprise because gaming has quickly become one of the top activities in Bravo Fleet. All of the applications were of what I would call serious quality for interest in the position which made the decision more difficult than I had anticipated. I want to thank everyone who took the time to apply. Every single one was a serious applicant who was considered and I felt that any of them could have taken on the position. After David and I discussed all of the applications as well as with the rest of the BFSS, one stood out above the rest.

The new Bravo Fleet Security Officer will be Captain Tavek (Starbuck). Starbuck is no stranger to leadership in Bravo Fleet having previously served as Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Forces 47 and 86. Starbuck’s application went above and beyond what we were looking for by laying out specific plans of approach to the Security Office and gaming in Bravo Fleet over time intervals and goals he’d like to accomplish. Added to that, his vision of where the Security Office and gaming needs to go to be successful in Bravo Fleet and really become its own wing of the club lines very directly square in what the vision David and I have for it, as well. I won’t get too into those details as I know Starbuck will be making his own introductory report and announcement, so I will let him tell you himself.

Congratulations, Starbuck!