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Merry Christmas!… Santa has arrived!

December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas, Bravo Fleet! On behalf of the entire BFA, we hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday.

One of the things that we did not too long ago was to reinstitute the merit award system for people who were putting in above and beyond work for BF. We’re at, more or less, the six-month mark from when the current administration took over and Bravo Fleet was brought back from some pretty bleak circumstances. Without the general membership, this wouldn’t have been possible. However, there were also some exceptional leaders who did their part to make sure Bravo Fleet would be sticking around. In the new merit system, it’s relatively a chain of command on who is awarding what. Ship COs award their members, task force staff award ship COs, BFA members award task force staff. I always highly encourage people throughout the fleet to award their members appropriately! There is a form right in the BFMS to make it nice and easy (we like easy!).

But… then that leaves me to award BFA members. I’m going to do exactly that today, on Christmas, to show my appreciation for all their hard work. Not all of these people are BFA members, but all have been working directly with me in some form or another over the past six months.

Christopher Pike Medal of Valor

Mike Bremer

Mike was an integral member of both the Transition Team and the current Bravo Fleet Admiralty serving as Fleet Magistrate. Mike has brought invaluable wisdom, experience, and dedication to the Magistrates office as well as all ongoing BFA discussions. Mike has been, and always will be, a dedicated member and Founder of Bravo Fleet and this award is well earned!

Medal of Achievement


Although Chris was most recently the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 64, where Chris really shone through for Bravo Fleet was in his invaluable assistance with the Bravo Fleet Wiki and the BFMS. The BFMS has overgone some immense edits and transformation in the past six months, and Chris was a huge help in making that possible. For all your help with the BFMS, Wiki, and as a steady hand for TF64, congratulations, Chris!

Medal of Achievement

Wes/Lt Cmdr R’Tan

Wes has been with the Internet Office for a short time, but during that time he has been integral in helping with BFs online assets. He has not hesitated to help in both BFMS and Wiki work. Congratulations!

Christopher Pike Medal of Valor


Since the current administration, no one has had a tougher job or go of it than Tia. She has had to take the brunt of a lot of criticism by the nature of her position, and has taken it well and pushed on. Being Loremaster isn’t easy and we always knew it would be a tough position to fill and maintain. But Tia has done so at an amazing pace and has started to coherently bring together all of the fleets storylines and the additional timeline and canon wrinkle that Star Trek Picard threw in. Well earned!

Cross for Distinguished Service


Cap has long been a member of the BFA off and on over the years in a variety of positions and has rocked them all. This time Cap serves as the Bravo Fleet Communications Officer; in that role, Cap has served as way more than just a “recruitment guy”. He has provided the BFA with invaluable insight, data, and reflection on how the internet at large views communities like Bravo Fleet, what we do, and how we can better change to adapt to the times and what others around the internet are doing. Well earned and congratulations, Cap!

Christopher Pike Medal of Valor


When it comes to being a workhorse in Bravo Fleet, Sean is near the top of the list. He originally came on as TF9CO and dug right into what the situation was with TF9. He gave the BFA his honest feedback, and also set the ball rolling on what is now Task Force 25. When TF25 launched, which was undoubtedly Sean’s baby, he slid over to TF38 to make sure things stayed stable there and to train up a replacement. Sean has been doing it all for us, and for that, I am forever thankful. Congratulations!

Order of Merit


AJ was one of the initial people to step up in a major way during the transition time. He stepped up to be TF38CO when asked, without any complaint, and did his job. Not only did he do his job, he did it well! 38 has never been an easy task force to manage, speaking from direct experience. But AJ rocked it and also went out of his way to absolutely rock his BFA participation in anything we discussed. I am so grateful that AJ stepped up to the plate to be 38CO for a time, and we are better for it. Well deserved!

Christopher Pike Medal of Valor


When the Transition Team was sorting through the aftermath of everything that had happened it was immediately apparent that TF72 was a proverbial minefield to walk through. We knew that an experienced, steady hand would be needed to wrangle things back together. In the 6+ months since then, LadyBlue has done exactly that. Not only has she successfully kept 72 as a cohesive unit, she has also had to deal with running one of the two task forces that will be directly affected by the canon that Picard will bring. That uncertainty has been a huge challenge, but LadyBlue had helped steer 72 in all the right directions to prepare for it. On top of all of that, she has also been an integral part of working out a lot of the small details in the new model we are slowly transitioning into. Congratulations, and thank you for being such a great addition (readdition?) to the BFA!

Cross for Distinguished Service


Thrace took over TF93 a few months ago and has absolutely become one with the task force again like he had never left. TF93 has been quite a beast to handle; it has multiple interesting storylines coming to a close, just as many opening, and is without a doubt the task force impacted directly by whatever Picard will bring us. Thrace constantly has ideas and ways to pivot 93 to be best prepared for whatever the future may bring, all while being extremely supportive of the members throughout his task force as they all handle this together. Great job, and well deserved!

Order of Merit


I could go on and on about Domingo’s service as 99CO. But I’ll be blunt – this award is more for what he’s done for me personally, as BFCO (and before), in helping bring me up to speed with Bravo Fleet, all the events that transpired, and how things have (or haven’t) changed in the past 7 years. Without Domingo, I would be more than just a bit lost. I can honestly say he has been an invaluable asset to both myself and the entire BFA during the transition and since and has kept us all on our toes moving forward. Thank you so much, and congratulations!

Cross for Distinguished Service


Although no longer with Bravo Fleet, Leam was one of the original people who stepped up during the transition period. Originally Leam was the Community Relations Officer for Bravo Fleet, but nearly all of us felt that was a waste of his talent and expertise in such a pivotal step forward for Bravo Fleet. He stepped up and offered to take over as TFCO of Task Force 93; just like every other task force, 93 was affected by all that had happened and Leam was integral in keeping together what remained. Like Domingo, he was incredibly important to me and the rest of the BFA in getting us up to speed on many things around the Trek-o-sphere. Thank you for all your work and continued patience during and after the transition!

Order of Merit


Many people know Aio as a former part of the Bravo Fleet Command Council, but since the transition, a lot of people don’t know that Aio has been doing a lot behind the scenes for Bravo Fleet as part of the Conservatorship. Aio easily could’ve just gone into the shadows and only popped his head in once in a while, but instead has been an overwhelmingly massive help in all things Bravo Fleet. He supports us with hosting, is out there hosting BF games for free through his private company, helps Emily and I with server and BFMS issues, coordinates with me and others on donation funds and paying the bills. Aio just keeps giving and giving to Bravo Fleet, and for that, we are immensely grateful.

These awards will be added to the appropriate dossiers over the next week as the BFMS decides it does or does not want to cooperate. Congratulations to all!