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March 2017 Monthly and OOC Awards

April 19, 2017

This month the Player and Sim of the month have been combined with the Monthly Awards thread because of the low number of issued awards… Anyway without further a due let’s start with the Player and Sim of the Month.

Sim of the Month
TF9: USS Triton
TF38: USS Nogura
TF72: Deep Space K-17
TF93: Outpost Curtiss
TF99: USS Dreadnought

Player of the Month
TF9: Lieutenant Sr’asi (USS Scorpio) – Orion
Great storytelling, activity and extreme commitment to the cause.
TF38: Lt. Varl Tu’Shan (USS Victory)
Awarded for the player’s great contributions to the storyline and technological discoveries.
TF72: Intumesce (Twan); Deep Space K-17
Twan was, and continues to be an instrumental part of administering K-17. Great example of an XO.
TF93: Lieutenant Grigor Eisenberg Sloane – Stephen
Great writer and good at providing advice and leadership as the Chief of Security
TF99: Lieutenant Hades, Starbase 400 & Captain Michael Aravan, USS Triumphant
This month the award was dual issued. Both players are top notch people and with Lt. Hades’ writing abilities and Capt. Aravan’s GM abilities it was felt awarding both would be required.

With this congratulations to all of those above. You guys deserve it!

Now to the awards issued this month… There were a lot of awards that were reissued from the past. We normally do not re-post an award in one of these threads with few exceptions because having multiple earnings of the same award being mentioned multiple times might confuse people however this month there were a few exceptions to this.

Dedication Citation – 20 Years
Admiral Deela T’Lar (Melanie)

Dedication Citation – 10 Years
Lt. Gen Jhamal P’Trell (Shelley)

Fleet Admiral Emeritus
Mike Bremer (formerly Fleet Admiral Mike Bremer)

Admiral Emeritus
Steve Bawden (formerly Admiral S’iraa)

Commodore Emeritus
Josh Hina (formerly Commodore James Olend)

That does it for the awards this month. Please remember to submit nominations from within BFMS even if you have previously won an award so we can get them added to your player profile. See you next month.