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Magistrate Decision: BFM-01

June 10, 2020

Members of Bravo Fleet,

On 06/06/2020 at 0628 AM Pacific Time, the Bravo Fleet Magistrate received a complaint against user Jack Pike formerly the Commanding Officer of the USS New Hampshire, in the Holodeck Group (formerly Task Force 99). In said complaint, the user was accused of mutiny and sedition, as well as disreputable behavior. The defendant was found guilty of all charges after a Trial by Magistrate.

The opinion of the Magistrate, and a full link to the details of the case are below.

Magistrate Opinion:

Bravo Fleet, as well as many other organizations of the same type, have long had to deal with individuals who enter the organization, recruit from within its members, and then leave when they are asked to be part of the greater organization as a whole. This has caused numerous schisms, factional break-offs, and splinter organizations to occur for the entirety of this organization’s existence. This causes immense and immediate harm to the health of these organizations, and it is constantly a challenge to recover from them.

Often, when said individuals leave the organization, they do so in the same manner as the defendant. They take their crew and leave, without notifying any member of the organization’s staff, and without providing a cogent reason that they no longer wish to be part of the organization. Frequently, their own staff is not aware of the change, or have been so biased by their sole contact to the larger org (their CO/GM) to the goings-on, that they don’t see any reason to do anything but depart the organization.

Bravo Fleet’s structure has dynamically changed, and the Fleet Senior Staff has allowed for departures where there was a concise and well-intentioned communication between the departing and the Staff. The “new model” of the organization has not been for everyone, and that is tacitly understood by Bravo Fleet Senior Staff. In this case, no well-intentioned communication was made by the defendant, other than to request the database for the sole purpose of leaving the fleet for another organization.

Bravo Fleet will no longer stand idly by while malcontents utilize our resources to boost their numbers, and then depart over some perceived slight, or for no reason at all.

Regarding this specific case, the defendant willingly admitted that they had departed the fleet of their own accord, under no coercion from outlying individuals. This case hardly needed to come across the Magistrate’s desk, other than to be an exercise in administration. We generally do not punish people for exercising their right to self determine. In this case, however, it is clear that the member in question did so in the most dishonest way possible, while lying about discussing or even informing his crew who were still Bravo Fleet members. When the actions of a single individual impose their will on others without care or forethought, the fleet is forced to act to protect the rights of our members.

Link to full case details on BFMS:

Bravo Fleet v. Jack Pike (BFM-01)


Live Long and Prosper,