Logistics Office Report #2 — Staff Appointments

June 1, 2024

You’re probably tired of announcements today, but I have one last note from the logistics office itself about staffing. During our application process looking for staff members, I received a truly astounding nine applications, which shows how eager people are to dig into the new system. Frankly, the logistics office doesn’t need nine staff members (because of the good work of the Engineering Office to make processing simple!) so I had to make some decisions on who to appoint. In the end, I chose to mix between people who are already established in other areas of the staff and newcomers to staff positions. It is intended that after the upcoming Fleet Action, a permanent Bravo Fleet Logistics Officer will also be named. At that point, that individual will make decisions on who will step into the Staff Officer and Deputy roles, as well as evaluate whether such a large staff is needed. The appointments are as follow: