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June Player and Sim of the Month Awards

July 16, 2017

Oh my! 2017 is officially more than halfway through and it has been quite an eventful year so far. The time has come to announce those who have received the Player of the Month and Sim of the Month awards!


9 – No Nomination

38 – Lieutenant Commander Matthew Clayden, USS Infinity
On a ship with a combat-orientated Captain and mission, Clayden serves as the Engineer, not a soldier. Clayden did a great job writing his interactions and interplay with his new CO.

72 – Lieutenant Commander Xavier Patrovski, USS Dreadnought
In light of the continued effort overcoming many difficulties both in simming and personal in nature, Xavier has stuck with it for over 10 years, from a fresh new player unsure and leaping into it to one of the seasoned on the simm Xavier has grown leaps and bounds.

93 – Commander Michelle Garrett, Outpost Curtis
Michelle is one of the best Executive Officers the CO has ever had the pleasure to write with. She is highly dedicated and has stepped forward time and time again when needed. Not only does the CO heavily depend on her and, she has stepped up into the role quite well.

99 – Colonel David Hurd, Sr, Starbase 400
Brandon has come a long way as a player over the last year. He was once someone who was prone to inactivity, but now he’s regularly engaging in JPs, added depth to his writing, become helpful OOC, and more. He put together 400’s current episode and is helping manage it!


9 – No Nomination

38 – USS Victory, Captain R. Kennit Commanding
The Victory is currently involved in a very Voyager-esque mission, having stumbled upon ancient Mesopotamian-style ruins on a far off Delta Quadrant planet. They have also released a few away mission posts with as many as ten characters in them and artfully switch back and forth between different characters, teams and perspectives.

72 – USS Pandora, Commander N. Temple Commanding
The Pandora has exploded in Task Force 72, becoming one of its most active sims in just a few short months. The crew have been actively working to expand what we know about the Iconnu Expanse and the Area of Operations and their writing has been absolutely fantastic!

93 – USS Kumari, Captain J. Colburn Commanding
Their site is amazing to look out, the skin they have makes everyone very jealous. They have quite an array of players and have very few solo mission posts, showing that they focus on working together as a team and writing for the fun of it, not because they want high posting numbers each month.

99 – DFS Lavie, Captain Y. Layton Commanding
Their unique concept and approach to simming, unique stories, and being very active in June makes them the clear SotM for June. They produce many quality posts making for a fun read for nonmembers too.


USS Dreadnought


USS Victory

Congratulations to all! Be on the lookout for the Quarter 2 awards coming soon!