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January 2017 Monthly Awards

February 20, 2017


Today as one of my first duties of taking over the Hall of Honour I have the privilege of informing every one of the January Monthly Award Winners. Here are January 2017’s Player and Sim of the Month Winners.

Sim of the Month:
TF9: USS Black Hawk
TF38: USS Victory
TF72: USS Dreadnought
TF93: USS Montgomery
TF99: USS North Star

Player of the Month:
TF9: No nomination this month.
TF38: Lieutenant Simon Crewe – USS Equinox
She (Rogue) is an amazing writer. She gets inside her Counselor role and really brings the role to life. She is highly engaged and the content she contributes to is top notch. Her quality of writing, her dedication, her engagement and her sense of community is a pillar on the ship and the Task Force. She is the kind of writer every game manager wants – and every game needs! She is a creative star in her own right!
TF72: Ensgin Cailus Griffin – USS Pandora
Griffin consistently creates well-crafted, realistic, and character-focused posts for the sim, as well as having one of the highest activity levels onboard. Griffin regularly initiating posts with other players, creating storylines, providing ideas, and actively contributing to the wider sim.
TF93: Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Blake – USS Excalibur
He is not afraid to get involved with any of the crew, writing with them and never showing signs of slowing up. He also has brought in an NPC to help make our first mission more interesting to read and be a part of. He encourages other players to post and is a great Executive Officer. Outside of the game he is a great leader and genuinely cares the sim.
TF99: Commander Jeannie Sherebrook – Endeavour
Participated in over half the posts in January. She is still active even though she is very busy in life and is a pleasure to RP with.

Congratulations to all the winners this month!