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Hall of Honour Recognition – July 6, 2017

July 6, 2017

Happy July, Bravo Fleet! We’re just six days in and it’s already been an exciting month. In case you missed it, Bravo Fleet has been nominated for the 2017 Squiddie Awards, along with our very own JonM (Admiral Michael Drake) and Starbase 400. The official winners will be announced soon, and we hope to bring that announcement to you all quickly.

Before I announce our award recipients (there are over 25 today), I must issue an apology to all of Bravo Fleet. This announcement will be covering awards that were issued as far back as May. Due to so much being announced with the May Monthly Awards last month, the Hall of Honour elected to release the sheer amount of awards separately.

And then, Real Life took its toll.

We regret not announcing these awards sooner. Moving forward, we will issue weekly Award Announcements. If we have one award or a hundred, it will not stop us from announcing every week. Hopefully, we’ll be able to move these awards through much more quickly. Now, onto the awards!

 Dedication Citation – 6 Months
Aqace100 – DFS Lavie
Lt. JG Juliette Green – USS Excalibur
Lt. JG Gillian Carter – USS Excalibur
Anderson – USS Excalibur
Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Blake – USS Excalibur

 Dedication Citation – 1 Year
MAJ Patrick McMichaels, Starbase 400
CAPT DaSilvor, Starbase 400
COL David Hurd, Starbase 400
COL Jack Pike, USS New Hampshire
MGEN Thomas Jackson, Starbase 400

 Dedication Citation – 15 Years
CAPT Elias Ross, USS Shepherd

 Medal of Collaboration
CAPT Wyatt Hickerson, Outpost Curtis
For taking an active part in both the development of the simulation story and active integrating the story of TF93 SoK story line.

Crew of the USS Pandora
Cmdr. Temple, Lt. JG Cailus Griffin, Lt. Shae Brennan, Ens. Max Anderson, Maj. Thomas Haliwell, Lt. James Smith, and those unnamed

For excellent storytelling and canon additions pertaining to the Tzenkethi, Talarians, and the Iconnu Expanse.

CAPT Richard Sharpe, Deep Space 14
For keeping up morale and spirit while Deep Space 14 went through an unfortunate situation… being without a website for several weeks and losing more than a month of sim history.

Medal of Achievement
Cmdr. Leonora Wolf, SFI Delphi
For contributions towards the Task Force’s Intel page which simplified the story interaction and transition towards other Commanding Officers. In addition, she has worked greatly towards the contribution of the story arc in regards of SoK and the Gorn Invasion discussion.

 Community Recognition Ribbon
FADM Mike K’Wor Bremer
Aside from laying the foundation for Bravo Fleet in 1997, Mike continues to help guide the Ares Operational Theater’s canon within TF99, recently setting up an AOT area in the BF Infobase to help keep things originzed. He’s active in the RBS and Discord/IRC chat channels. His dedication and hard work for the Fleet, helping the Bravo Fleet move forward has been noticed my many.

 Gene Roddenberry Commendation of Excellence
CAPT Makayla Perin, USS Venture
Kaichi created a story arc that not only contributed towards her own sim in great parts and length but also towards the Task Force as a whole. Her value opinion on the various discussion is taken in highly and do her service, her contribution to various fields (TF and Sim) she earns this award.

ADM Deela T’Lar, Starbase 400
Mel has been on SB400 as one character or another since 1998. She’s been the sim’s XO for over five years. As a player, her posts are very well written and add to the plot well. She helps the CO keep the episodes on track as well as assisting with a variety of OOC tasks. She’s also been a great recruiter for the sim bringing in well over ten players over the years. Anytime the CO needs time away, Mel will keep SB400 active and the players inline.

FADM Mike K’Wor Bremer, Starbase 400
Mike Bremer has been active as the CO of the SB400 sim since 1997. He keeps the sim on track, updates, the sites, recruits, all the things a typical CO should do. However, it goes deeper than that. He’s not just ‘there’, he’s active and truly loves this sim and his dedication is unquestioned. He puts so much time into SB400, keeping things updated, adding new, making changes and improvements. The SB400 site is one of a kind and has won countless awards. The SB400 sim is also a multi-award winner receiving two Simming Prize Awards, several from Bravo Fleet, and others. Mike’s writing it also superb. Not only does he write for all FADM Bremer and VADM K’Temoc but he also write for several PNPCs and brings them all to life.

 Silver Star Citation
CAPT Jack Lashmore, USS Southern Cross
He has helped in getting the Task Force canon back on track, has discussed the options, created solutions and helped in thinking on various points of improving the Task Force. Has always helped the players within TF93 if it was either a CO or a player, and stepped in for the TFXO when he had to step back due to health reasons.

 Task Force Participation Medal
Starbase 400, FADM Mike K’Wor Bremer, Commanding
USS New Hampshire, COL Jack Pike, Commanding
USS Cairo, COL Katana Leah, Commanding (during service in TF99)

 Admiralty Unit Citation
Starbase 400, FADM Mike K’Wor Bremer, Commanding
USS Black Hawk, CAPT Harvey Geisler, Commanding

All of the above awards have been issued on BFMS and will soon be reflected in the Bravo Fleet Infobase. Congratulations to all of the winners!