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Fleet Command Report, Halloween Supplemental

November 1, 2020

Hello Bravo Fleet! Just a really short follow up to my previous report that I forgot to add. In the survey, people directly asked about whether we take donations or not and how they could do it. Since the survey was anonymous, we have no way to respond to those people directly, but here it is: we do! We’ve actually made it a point to not really petition for donations and leave it more up to you guys if you want to donate or not. We didn’t want to be too “in your face” about it. However, if you go to the bottom of our main page, you’ll find a “Donate” link:


From there you’ll see the donation options we do have. Every little bit does help, and we continually thank the members we have who do donate to us. All donations go directly to keeping our infrastructure running, with all extra funds going into either software upgrades as needed, or more often, fleet advertising on mediums like Facebook and Twitter. Any shortfalls are made up by members of the BFA to keep things running.

On the donation page, you can also see perks that come with different options. Just our little way of also saying thank you.

If you have any questions about this, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us on Discord in PM or on #ask-the-bfa