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Fleet Command Report, April 2022 – Happy Relaunch Anniversary!

April 24, 2022

To the members of Bravo Fleet:

This has been a good year so far. Our Roadmap for the year is completely on track, we’re slated to begin our next Fleet Action at the end of next month, and we’re at our second anniversary since our relaunch. April 25th, 2020 changed everything for Bravo Fleet and we’ve grown even more since. One could say its been a long road, getting from there to here.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to say today as we cross that threshold. I was looking back at last years announcement, and honestly, I think most of my sentiments are exactly the same. So I won’t write them all back out, and won’t subject anyone to reading it again. You can follow that link if you’re interested in reading how I felt then, and how I still feel. We’ve come so far in just two years, and I can’t begin to express how happy and proud I am that we’ve accomplished so many goals in both the past year and the past two years. Bravo Fleet feels like a much better place to be than it ever has at any time that I can remember, the most toxic people in our hobby are gone and refuse to come back (yay!), and we’re continually bringing fresh new faces in. We’re all having fun. We’re doing what we love to do. This is a very relaxing place to be and enjoy each other’s company.

What I will do, is some quick hits on stats! You guys know how much I love me some stats. Over the last year…

  • Bravo Fleet has overall grown its membership by 39.3%
  • We’ve offered 148 competitions (up 51% over last year) with a total of 925 entries (up 69.7% over last year)
  • We’ve had increased gaming activity across the fleet for a total of 753 Strategic Action Ribbons, 1190 Combat Action Ribbons (up 672.7% over last year, and no that isn’t a typo!), and 40 Campaign Ribbons, showing that we’re gaming together more often than not and more than ever
  • We’ve had 1732 Duty Ribbons (1 per game/sim posts), showing that the RPG is not dead in Bravo Fleet! Although people sure are flocking to the next part in droves…
  • We’ve awarded earned an astonishing 7470 Service Ribbons (1 per 250 words of fiction written), which totals over 1.8 million words of fiction written, and is up 215.6% from last year!
  • We’ve earned 278 promotions (up 30% over last year) and 83 merit awards (up 11%) over the past year
  • Since the AWOL system was put into place in October of 2020, we’re also up 31% for active members with a retention rate (new joins that do not AWOL at the first chance) of 34.7%!

Suffice to say, Bravo Fleet, you’re killing it. We’re steadily growing, new, awesome faces are coming in, and everyone is loving what we do. Keep doing what you do, enjoy your time here, and lets rock this next year.