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Fleet Command Report #89 – Judge Advocate General

August 8, 2023

It is my unfortunate duty to announce that Emily recently informed me of her need to step down and “away” from Bravo Fleet temporarily due to some personal IRL things. Everyone knows how integral Emily has been to the success of Bravo Fleet over the past 4 years. But this time away is important for her; but make no mistake that this is temporary and she will return once things settle down! This does leave a need for a new JAG, though. I think we all expected Emily would be JAG until the end of time. In my previous announcement, I highlighted the things we look for in a JAG: the JAG should be someone who knows the inside and out of Bravo Fleet, someone who is well respected within our club, and someone who understands that JAG doesn’t primarily serve as a mechanism for punishment but rather rehabilitation when at all possible. The JAG position is all but tailored to being someone who is a former BFCO. Retired BFCOs are people who would have all the working knowledge needed and the respect to be listened to.

However, we aren’t flush with former BFCOs. But we do have a few Elder Statesman types in Bravo Fleet and a couple of good candidates popped up. I considered a few people before finally settling on a nominee: Fleet Captain Max Barrick. Many of you have known him over the years, past and present, on IRC, the BF Forums, and now Discord as Slagar. Slagar has been integral to many of the changes that have happened to Bravo Fleet over the past few years. He is a former BFXO, was Chief of Staff only a few years ago, and is currently serving the JAG staff as the Bravo Fleet Investigator. Side by side with me, he also helped create, quite literally, the current JAG system we use. Twice. Once in 2010, and then again when we reimplemented it in 2019. So to say he knows the Judicial Code as well as I do isn’t an understatement. He was part of the major overhaul the JAG code just went through about a year ago as well. So as a former BFXO, someone who knows the JAG system inside and out, and someone who has been able to show incredible impartiality as a former Chief of Staff, he was a prime candidate.

After a 48 hour discussion period, the Electorate voted unanimously to confirm his nomination. Congratulations, Slagar!