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Feb 2017 OOC and IC Awards

March 8, 2017


Today I am here to announce the awards that people have been awarded during the month of February. I will be doing this on a monthly basis in addition to the normal SotM and PotM awards. The awards are listed in order of approval by the HoH Committee.

Gold Star Citation
Admiral Allison Reyes (@JonM)
I am honored on behalf of the HoH Committee and the BFA to present JonM with the OOC Gold Star Citation for his service to the fleet; he has helped to manage the groups IT infrastructure, assist in OOC and IC operational improvements and policy changes to help the group move forward. Thank you for all your dedication.

Active Command at Sea
Captain Axon Vendrest (@orion74656) – USS Odyssey

Flight Certification
Captain Yuka Layton (@jhina) – DFS Lavie

Writing Proficiency Ribbon
RINZ-00 (@momoss) – DFS Lavie
This award has been issued to Monica for her help in developing the DFS Lavie’s plot and assisting in writing the unique backstory of the sim. Her character’s uniqueness only adds to this interesting and unique story.

Recruitment Award
Captain Yuka Layton (@jhina) – DFS Lavie
This award has been issued following the recruitment of all of the DFS Lavie’s players being from outside of Bravo Fleet.

Congratulations everyone!