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Echoes of the Tkon: Phase III… The Final Fro—phase!

September 3, 2021

The last lap has arrived! We’re at the final phase of Bravo Fleet’s second Fleet Action, the Echoes of the Tkon. We thank you all for participating! The feedback you guys have given has been immeasurably helpful in planning events going forward, and we’ve loved hearing the feedback on how much fun you guys are having. Our loose estimate for the total words written so far is around 300,000. So I’d say we’re a pretty active bunch, here!

The races for placements overall are still very neck and neck. It’ll almost certainly come down to the wire.

Our Loremaster released a report earlier this week which dropped the opening fiction for the next phase of the Fleet Action and began the steps towards the conclusion of our Omega crisis. The short of it is:

  • The USS Odysseus visits Observation Post Tango-157 and learns of the team’s analysis of the Tkon technology blocking access to the planet Abnia VI. Discovering subspace disruptions emanating from the surface, they commit to bypassing them and reaching the Tkon outpost on Abnia VI.
  • Two weeks later, the team has uncovered the outpost and Commander Airex is dispatched by Admiral Beckett to assess their findings. Airex confirms the discovery of a ‘beacon’ that is part of a Tkon galaxy-spanning subspace network originating from the Vanishing Point, a facility orbiting the mysterious Horizon system believed created to form and maintain the Galactic Barrier.
  • Airex explains to Commander Aquila of the Odysseus that the Omega outbreaks have been caused by the Vanishing Point’s network malfunctioning. To end the crisis, as many Tkon beacons in this network as possible must be reached and repaired or recalibrated to correct the great powers of the Vanishing Point.
  • Discoveries by dozens of ships and research teams have led to this understanding of Horizon and the Vanishing Point. These breakthroughs in knowledge on the Tkon have also revealed the locations of multiple suspected beacons.

As the narrative shifts, so do some of the competitions. We hope that the difficultly in many of them jumps up slightly, the competition increases, and the fun continues. The Phase II competitions are:

Also don’t forget this is the last week for the three FA-wide competitions: