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Discord RP Comes to Bravo Fleet!

January 4, 2024

Happy 2024, Bravo Fleet, from your friendly neighbourhood Intelligence Office! We are, as always, eager to see what the new year brings with your creativity and storytelling and how we can support that. To this end, we have a brand new activity to introduce (reintroduce?) to Bravo Fleet: Discord RP.

Bravo Fleet has a long history of chat RP, and has previously dabbled with an IC space on the server. Now, that option is fully structured and supported with our first role-play channel: #sbb-rp-golden-apple! Set in a bar on Starbase Bravo named the Golden Apple, Bravo Fleet members can bring their characters in for a chat, a drink, to work, to meet, to have a good time, in this brand new RP format.

We have a guide on what Discord RP should look like, with rules and guidance. Please make sure you read this before getting involved. Remember that, for now, our only Discord RP location is this bar on Starbase Bravo, but we will be happy to expand our Discord RP infrastructure if there is appropriate activity and demand!

Despite being set on Starbase Bravo, any member may participate in this Discord RP – even members who are not a part of the Starbase Bravo sandbox. As the Fourth Fleet HQ, a myriad of characters from dozens of ships may visit the station and stop by this popular venue. It is essential to note, however, that members must RP as a character who already has a BFMS page. This does not need to be a full biography, and the character might be newly created to participate in Discord RP, but this RP format is not a free-for-all character-wise.

Other than that, once you’ve read the venue’s wiki page and our Discord RP rules, you can just head on down to the new channel and get involved! It’s a great place for characters to meet and interact in a casual format. Who knows what adventures it might lead to?