Delta Quadrant IDIC Week Results

December 7, 2020

Task Force 17’s competition week has come and gone, with another great round of submissions from across the fleet. We had about fifty entries, so the competition was truly fierce in most of the individual events. Congratulations if you got a medal and good luck next time if you didn’t! Remember to record the number of entries you made in your dossier, as just entering also counts for award and promotion purposes.

Without further adieu, here are the results:


1st Place: Solon
2nd Place: dizzg1970
3rd Place: VividShado

Word Search

1st Place: bri.whyte
2nd Place: dizzg1970
3rd Place: JEBryson325


1st Place: VividShado
2nd Place: Woozamagoo
3rd Place: Ed

Jigsaw Puzzle

1st Place: Beth.Ardner
2nd Place: VividShado
3rd Place: bri.whyte

Biography Competition

1st Place: bri.whyte (Entry)