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Congratulations Are In Order

April 17, 2017

One of the fun things I get to do as a TFCO (and sim CO) is rewarding players that work hard, are active in their sim and the community, and have a respectful and friendly demeanor toward his fellow simmers. We have several people in TF99 that have those qualities, and that’s one reason I love this TF so much.

That said, one member of TF99 has gone above and beyond for years now. His sim in TF99 has been active for over four years, which is saying something for a sim that’s not set in the popular post-nemesis timeline. It’s my pleasure to promote the Commanding Officer of the NX Endeavor, Edward Pearson, better known to everyone as CaptainPorthos to the rank of Commodore!

Keep up the great work CaptainPorthos and everyone in TF99!