Changing Of The Guard – Task Force 17

December 21, 2022

Only after making a similar announcement a few days ago, it is with a heavy heart that we share another one. A few days ago Fleet Captain Erill’Yun Mek, better known as Wooz, shared with the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff his intention to step down from all of his staffing positions. To say we were sad to receive this would be an understatement, as Wooz in the last few years has become such a stalwart steward for Bravo Fleet and has been a true champion in making so many areas of our great community the best they can be for our members.

Our commitment to our real lives comes first and it can be a challenge to balance real life as well as enjoying this great hobby (especially when you’re a staff member).  We respect and understand Wooz’s decision and we appreciate him being able to recognise what he can and can’t commit to. It’s never easy realising this as much as making that choice to step away from something you care so much about. 

For someone who has been a Task Force Commanding Officer for almost two years (both Task Force 86 and Task Force 17), our Deputy Operations Officer for just under nine months and nearly three months as Deputy Intelligence Officer and Staff Assistant for RPGs, we think it is safe to say that Wooz has done his time! Without a doubt, a shining example of his commitment is his recent leadership and management of the Blood Diliithum Campaign. It has been one of our many successes this year as a community and it is the passion and dedication of someone like Wooz who enables such events to take place. For his incredible effort and time, on behalf of everyone on Bravo Fleet, thank you Wooz! You will remain a legend among us. We wish you all the best and hope that the excitement that comes with your other commitments does not keep you away for too long.  Wooz will be remaining as a member and we hope that he will be able to enjoy what that brings. 

That said, we are happy to say that Task Force 17 won’t be left without anyone to continue leading it. As of today, Task Force 17’s new Task Force Commanding Officer will be (newly promoted) Captain Andreus Kohl aka Brendan. Brendan is our current longest-serving Task Force Executive Officer and he is certainly ready for this new position. He has learnt from one of the best and we know Wooz, his mentor, is just as chuffed as we are that he agreed to take over the reins. He is certainly a worthy successor. A great role model to so many in Task Force 17, Brendan only joined Bravo Fleet at the end of January this year and is well known among our community for his outstanding storytelling, amazing graphic creation and involvement in so many of our activities. When he took on the role of Task Force Executive Officer in April, he showed great enthusiasm and devotion to this role and an understanding of what is required. Prepared to learn about the systems, procedures and policies in place, Brendan never shies away from being there for his fellow members. This is one of many aspects that we appreciate from our leaders. Brendan, we wish you all the best and know you share the same amount of fondness for Bravo Fleet that Wooz has. 

We are not leaving Brendan alone though, another recently promoted staffer, Commodore Imya Jori (aka Leah/AzrasD) will be supporting Brendan in her role as Deputy Operations Officer for the interim. With this in mind, the Operations Office is now opening up applications for Task Force Executive Officers. We plan to keep the application process open until Saturday 7th January 2023, unless we find a suitable candidate sooner. If you want to discuss the role, please get in touch with Leah or me. 

Finally, on behalf of everyone in the Bravo Fleet Operations Office, we send warm festive wishes to our fellow members and hope you all have a restful time with your loved ones.