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Changes to TF99

February 19, 2018

Good afternoon everyone.

Task Force 99 recently went through a complete reorganization of its divisions. Where as before, most divisions in TF99 focused on a particular timeline, now we have a few divisions with shared timelines, while other sims have been placed in divisions with other like-minded sims. We think this will help not only our current sims feel more at home, but also help to draw in new players and sims with an easier to find system.

  • Exploratory: Games that take place between 2150 and 2299. This includes the NX Era, Discovery Era, TOS Era, and the Star Trek I through Star Trek VI Era.
  • Ares Division: Games that share a unified canon built off of Starbase 400’s Timeline.
  • Asteria Division: Games that don’t share a unified timeline or canon. These games can be set from the beginning of the 24th Century to the 25th Century and beyond. This includes the TNG, DS9, and Voyager Eras as well.
  • Trinity Operations Unit: Games that share a unified canon built off of the DFS Lavie’s Timeline.
  • Ulysses Group: Games that share a unified canon built off of the USS Venture’s Timeline.
  • Kelvin-Timeline: Games within the rebooted Star Trek ‘Kelvin’ Universe.



James K’Temoc Bremer, VAdm, SF
Commanding Officer, Task Force 99
USS Yorktown NCC-1717-F