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Changes to Task Force 64

December 6, 2019

Hey, folks!

About a week ago, Chris submitted his resignation as Task Force 64 Commanding Officer. We’re sad to see him leave, but we wish him the best of luck in his new RL job! With Chris gone, the BFA took a hard look at Task Force 64 and its current direction. We felt that capping the Task Force at time frames before ST:VI was far too limiting, so we decided to expand its scope.

Task Force 64 now encompasses all games within the Bravo Fleet canon universe that exist outside of the fleet’s regular time period. Currently, that means anything seen on-screen before 2389. 

This also means a small change to Task Force 99 that shifts games set in the regular Bravo Fleet canon universe over to 64. Task Force 99 was originally designed for alternate realities and niche ideas, so this changes allows it refocus on that premise. Alternate universe games (like the MU or alternate futures) will still remain in 99, but DS9-era and so on now falls under 64.

To clarify, Task Force 64 now hosts all Bravo Fleet games set within the following canon time frames:

  • Enterprise
  • Discovery (including the 33rd Century)
  • The Original Series (including movies)
  • The Next Generation (including movies)
  • Deep Space 9 / Voyager

While we transition Task Force 64, I’ll be taking over as acting Task Force Commanding Officer. I’m also happy to announce that Kyle (@KyleB#2971), Commanding Officer of the USS Ochoa, is stepping up to serve as the Task Force Executive Officer. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Kyle and I either on Discord or through