Changes to Bravo Fleet Academy

August 1, 2020

I’m pleased to announce that upon consideration of both the new member experience and the time commitments for task force-level staff, the Operations Office has created a new unit: Starbase Bravo. All members will start their journey in the fleet here until they reach the rank of Ensign, allowing for centralized education on how to perform activity reporting and for easy access to the coursework being provided by the existing Bravo Fleet Academy. This centralized experience will (as it is now) be entirely user-paced. Some members will graduate almost immediately by completing Discord, STO, or traditional gaming (simming) tasks, while others may choose to spend longer in the Academy, with staff dedicated to checking their activity regularly and being in contact about the best paths for advancement.

New members are heavily encouraged to take advantage of the coursework being prepared by Academy Commandant Kyle, as the modules he has prepared give in-depth tutorials into the activity monitoring process and contain other important information about the system. As this curriculum is still in development and taking a large amount of time to prepare, we are adding a second Command Adjutant-level position which will be directly responsible for the Starbase Bravo unit. This person is an experienced staff member and is an exemplar of activity in the fleet: Shelley, who will be moving from Task Force 9 to take on this role. Kyle will remain in control of curriculum and instruction, while Shelley will be tasked with managing the cadets in the role of Dean of Cadets.

This reorganized Academy will report directly to me, as the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer. I am excited for the team we’ve put together for this, as Kyle and I are both professional educators, and Shelley has extensive experience with the BFMS and with helping generate enthusiasm and a positive community within the fleet.

To accomplish this change, we have made a change to the charter to allow for a training unit that is not a Task Force. We have also modified the Operational Policy to set out the positions I have described above.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to Kyle, Shelley, or me on Discord. Questions about academy coursework can be addressed to and other questions about the cadet program can go to All current members under the rank of Ensign have been moved to this unit, so any questions about advancement should now be directed towards myself or Shelley.