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By-Law #2 Updated

March 4, 2018

While the work on By-Law #3 is ongoing, I am please to announce that By-Law #2 now joins By-Law #1 as complete. Most of the changes are the removal of superfluous text and updated references have been added. By Law #2.4 which was voted upon and passed just before Christmas has also been updated in this. The By-Law regarding Starbase attached ships has also been removed, which lead to a renumbering of the bylaws.

As it stands now these changes are specifically the Regulatory By-Laws, which include

  • #2.1 Playable Species
  • #2.2 Fictions
  • #2.3 Ship & Station Command Requirements
  • #2.4 Promotion Guidelines
  • #2.5 External Resources [No changes were made to this By-Law
  • #2.6 Bravo Fleet Simulation Rating Guidelines

Next on the update Agenda is By-Law #3 which is currently being worked on. As with everything else being worked on, this is located on the Public Docket