Bravo Fleet Magistrate Term

May 31, 2021

Happy Memorial Day, Bravo Fleet!

One of the regular duties of Bravo Fleet Command is to ensure that there is consistently both a Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer to direct the fleet and a Bravo Fleet Magistrate to ensure that conflicts are mediated appropriately and, if needed, carry out proceedings. To do that, both positions are based on 1-year terms which have to be renewed.

Per Article V, Section 4 of the Bravo Fleet Charter, the current term for Sean, the Bravo Fleet Magistrate, ends on 1 June 2022. Sean has served through an eventful term seeing countless conflict mediation throughout Bravo Fleet, two Magistrate trials, and even members of another Star Trek club trying to doxx him and get him fired from his RL job because they didn’t like his decisions in an online Star Trek club. However, with all of that Sean has done an amazing job as Magistrate and is everything that Bravo Fleet and Bravo Fleet Command could ask for as someone who is impartial, fair, and even-keeled.

Per Article I, Section 3 of the Bravo Fleet Charter, about a week ago BF Command began a 48-hour open discussion period where members of Command could ask Sean any questions about his performance, the next year, and his viewpoint on interpretation of the Charter, Magistrate Code, or Official Bravo Fleet Policies. After the 48-hour discussion period closed, the 48-hour voting period among the eligible voters of Command began per Article I, Section 3 of the Bravo Fleet Charter.

Out of 9 possible voters, the final vote count was 7 yes votes and 2 non-votes which, per Article I, Section 3 of the Bravo Fleet Charter, count as abstains. That brings the overall count down to 7, making this a unanimous decision. Sean has been reconfirmed for another 1-year term as Bravo Fleet Magistrate. Congratulations, Sean! May this term be exceptionally uneventful.