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Bravo Fleet Investigator

June 19, 2023

Hello, members of Bravo Fleet!

During my nomination vote to become Judge Advocate General, a member of Bravo Fleet Command asked me a very important question: were there any reforms or tweaks to our judicial system that I’d want to prioritize as JAG. Through my years serving both as BFXO and a member of the BFSS, I’ve had the opportunity to shape fleet-wide policy and watch the JAG Office in action. Overall, I feel that the majority of our judicial system has served Bravo Fleet well – evidenced by few complaints and even fewer trials. The one important piece of our system that stood out to me as needing improvement was the separation between the executive (the BFC) and the judicial (the JAG Office) functions of the fleet.

Our rules outline a distinct divide between the two “branches” of fleet governance. While the JAG is included in BFC discussions, they are not a member of the BFC nor do they possess voting powers. Similarly, members of the Appeals Panel may be removed from the JAG Office should they be appointed to the BFC. This separation, while true for the JAG and Appeals Panel members, did not fully extend to JAG Officers (the Investigator and Defender). The spirit behind our rules makes it clear that JAG Office functions and activities should have no impact on any BFC discussion or action. This presented a significant conflict of interest for our Investigator, CAPT Thelor ch’Idrani (Arden), who held roles both in the JAG Office and in the BFC as Deputy Chief of Staff. After discussing the issue with Arden and theorizing possible solutions, we came to only one conclusion: that he step aside and ensure that the JAG Office remains a neutral, separate arm of the fleet. Although Arden will no longer serve as Bravo Fleet’s Investigator, he will remain on as Deputy Chief of Staff.

Filling the role of Bravo Fleet’s Investigator is no easy task. It requires a person with in-depth knowledge of our rules and processes, who is fair and impartial, and who has a keen understanding of and experience with many of the fleet’s core functions. I can think of no person more qualified than FCAPT Conor Starke (Slagar), who has served in the past as BFXO, Chief of Staff, and acting JAG. Slagar not only has an intimate knowledge of our rules and procedures, he also served as judge for two of the fleet’s trials under an earlier version of our judicial system. His breadth of experience makes him a fair and impartial mediator, and will ensure an ethical approach to any investigation that our office may undertake. I look forward to working with him again as both of our terms begin!

Please join me in thanking Arden for his service, and in welcoming Slagar to the JAG Office!