August 2019 Monthly Awards

September 28, 2019

Hello, one and all! This is the August, 2019 monthly award announcements, including new recognition for Posts of the Month! My apologies for the odd design of the rows and columns on the award page. I’m going to consult with our lovely BFXO to double check the script and make it all normally pretty in the very, very near future (perhaps later today). But for now, congratulate all of these amazing members!


Sim of the Month (TF9)

USS Unification

“For the steadfastness of the crew in dealing with 3 CO changes in the last 2 months, while still writing compelling stories, the USS Proxima is the sim of the month for TF9.”

Player of the Month (TF64)

Eugene (“Mike”) Falkenberg, USS Minerva

“Terry has has jumped right in with a plot twist that promises to be fun.”

Sim of the Month (TF64)

Endeavour NX-06

“For coming into the Task Force as the only active game in the NX Division and becoming immediately active.”

Player of the Month (TF72)

Dr. Aurelia Koig (aka Teix), USS Boadicea

From the GM: “I couldn’t run this ship without him, and he is always a fantastic addition to any post.”

Sim of the Month (TF72)

New Lakarian City

“The game is always active and interesting, and drives forward the Task Force’s canon with engaging ideas. NLC is truly the product of a committed team.”

Player of the Month (TF93)

Francheszka “Frankenstein” Braxton, née Mackelsen, USS Devonshire

“I nominate Residualrose, who plays the Devonshire’s chief engineer, for readily assisting with our most important post of the month, aiding tremendously with GM duties, and always adding an entertaining element to stories they participate in.”

Sim of the Month (TF93)

SS Warden

“The story of the SS Warden has me intrigued. The mission appears to be progressing into the part where they get their ship back. I’m not always interested in reading mission posts from other simms, but this one has me hooked. Her captain also invited players from other games to make contributions (as misc people in the casino reacting to the chaos in the casino), which is an idea I find fascinating.”

Post of the Month (TF93)

“A Mission to Reclaim” – USS Devonshire

“”This helps set up key details for the Devonshire’s upcoming battle against the Gorn. They made use of a really cool graphic that shows the battle plan; a feature rarely seen in simming. There are a great many good character moments too. As the ship’s CO said, ‘The fruit of a sustained effort by my crew.’ Deserving of TF93’s first Post of the Month award.”

Player of the Month (TF99)

Molly Lound, SS Moriah

“Player of the Month will be Tau Lyrae’s own Freighter Captain Molly Lound, Captain of the Moriah. This player, has a well established character, and contributes on a regular basis to the sim.”

Sim of the Month (TF99)

USS Excalibur

“Our next Task Force Sim of the Month winner is, the USS Excalibur under the command of Captain Anthony Richardson. A strong sim, with an incredible story to tell.”

Post of the Month (TF99)

“The Court-Martial”, Somnambulis

“”There was a lot of great entries for this month. Made the choice very hard. Congrats to Libby Ellison & Tabitha Vale Ph.D. & James Eve for TF99.”