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August 2015 Players of the Month

September 23, 2015

The Hall of Honours team is proud to congratulate the following players on being awarded the Player of the Month award for August 2015. The Player of the Month (of a Task Force) has shown superior roleplaying ability for the past month. They are nominated by their respective CO upon which the award is issued on behalf of the TFCO by the Hall of Honour, so it is important that you get your nominations in each month. Can we all please congratulate these fine simmers in our community on being named August 2015 Players of the Month. Your awards will shortly be confirmed to you all on the Bravo Fleet Wiki.

For congratulations, please head to RSB to offer said congratulations to our fine winners.

Task Force 9 Player of the Month – Lieutenant Commander Samuel Aubrey, USS Scorpio
Sam has in the past year shown himself a great member of the Scorpio but in recent months he has also become a beacon within the Task Force. On more than one occasion he has volunteered to help with the TF canon and is in many ways more involved than even some CO’s in the past. I could not think of a better recipient for the award this month.

Task Force 38 Player of the Month – No Nomination

Task Force 72 Player of the Month – Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister, Deep Space 12 (TFCO Nomination)
I am nominating Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister (Executive Officer, Deep Space 12) for his unwavering support and guidance to Deep Space 12 over the last month. The Commanding Officer has been on medical leave and rather than let the simulation drop to nothingness, he has stepped up to the plate and shown that there are leaders in the fleet who aren’t always the ones that are shown on the BF website. He has kept Deep Space 12 going along and has kept the players busy. They might not be the most busy simulation, but they do produce quality posting and Greg has helped with that over this month.

Task Force 93 Player of the Month – Ensign Jordan Brookfield, USS Tornado
For August, Task Force 93 nominates Ensign Jordan Brookfield, aka James of the USS Tornado for the Player of the Month award. Having written with James as a member of the Tornado’s crew, he has been actively posting, helping out crew morale, and also encouraging/developing posts with other members of the crew. He is a fine example that everyone can look up to.

Task Force 99 Player of the Month – Lieutenant Commander Soloman, Starbase 400
I nominate LtCdr. Solomon/Phil. In the words of Mike Bremer, “For his site plot idea and execution of it during Episode 88 and continuing to grow his character on SB400.”