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Announcement of Task Group Commanding Officers

October 18, 2017

Good day all,

It is with great pleasure and honor to present to you the new Task Group Commanding Officers within Task Force 93. This project is under my own lead and it is to see if we can reintegrate the TGCO position back into our ranks. Task Force 93 has been going strong since we pass the barrier of 10 sims. I am proud of this Task Force and every member within it. With the TGCO integration, it is the next step up to create new leaders of the future and with that said, I present the following people:

  • Task Group Bastet will be under command of Commander Leonore Wolff
  • Task Group Themis will be under command of Captain Anthony Richardson.

Currently, I have Commodore Hawkes function as both TFXO/TGCO over Forseti. I might open the position of TGCO in Forseti in the future, but it all depends on how the current TGCOs will be doing as part of the Task Force Senior Staff. Welcome and congratulations on your new assignment!

This will also mean that the Task Groups get some shuffling, the new setup:

USS Excalibur
Outpost Curtiss
USS Venture
USS Ascension
SFI Delphi
USS Tornado
SFM Revenant
USS Kumari
USS Ajax
USS Southern Cross
Palais de la Concorde
USS Sirona
USS Odyssey
USS Hawaii