Admiralty Update

June 9, 2020

A year ago Bravo Fleet was on the verge of collapse. Splits and infighting tore us apart, leaving Bravo Fleet’s future unclear. Vince and a handful of our Conservators were forced to intervene, safeguarding the community we all know and love. When the dust settled and Bravo Fleet sought a new leader, almost everyone declined the insurmountable task.

Seeing the fleet in need of strong leadership, Vince stepped forward. Over the past year, Vince has guided the fleet towards stability and prosperity. On April 24, 2020, Bravo Fleet launched our new model, a format Vince has been developing for over 10 years. Along with our launch, Vince also hosted The Raptor’s Wings, our first Fleet Action event. Vince created and judged practically every competition in the event, and he’s worked hard to guide our members through every aspect of our new model.

With Vince’s term as Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer ending on June 14, the Admiralty had a very important decision to make. Reflecting on our continued growth over the past year, our choice was obvious. With unanimous support from the Admiralty, Vince’s term has been extended to June 14, 2021 (vote BFA-0039). Congratulations, Vince! I can’t think of anyone better to continue leading us in this new era of Bravo Fleet!

Unfortunately, this announcement isn’t all good news. Yesterday, Billy informed us that due to the pressures and constraints on his life from COVID-19, he can no longer continue serving as Task Force 72’s Commanding Officer. Earlier today, the Admiralty voted in Chris as the new Task Force Commanding Officer. Rippy will be stepping up to serve beside Chris as Task Force 72’s Executive Officer. Chris has worked diligently to plan new canon for Task Force 72, creating interesting plots for the Cardassians that you’ll all see soon. Rippy has also done a fantastic job keeping track of member activity and award nominations. I can’t wait to see what these two will accomplish together! Thank you for all your work, Billy! And congratulations to Chris and Rippy!