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A New Task Force Rises!

April 9, 2022

Hello, members of Bravo Fleet!

In past reports, I’ve talked about growth and where I see the fleet being a few years down the road. I’ve talked about expectations for leadership, what we can provide to you, etc. Part of those expectations I have also include Task Force staff are not feeling overloaded and burnt out, and are also able to give a lot of specialized, individual attention to every member under them. For a while now, really ever since the AWOL system was implemented, we’ve stuck with four task forces: 17, 72, 86, and 93. That suited us while we sort of kept a holding pattern to perfect a few things. In the past month or so, the Communications Office has been using some of our available funds to run ads! You may have seen them on Facebook. We like to use low-cost, easy ways to get our name out there. And they really, really work! Our current dilemma has been that they work a little too well.

A long time ago I had set in my mind what the ideal size of a task force might need to be, and we’re already pushing those limits. I’ve thought about it a lot, discussed with Command the options, and it has been decided that the best way forward is to have more, but smaller task forces, which would allow TFCOs and TFXOs the ability to engage more closely and monitor more closely their members. Large task forces look good, but they may allow members to slip through the cracks and maybe not get the attention I feel all members should get, should they want or need it.

That brings us to now. I’ve been mulling over when to pull the trigger for this for a while now. Originally I wanted to wait until after the Fleet Action to add in a new task force. However, I’m very afraid of the burnout that could be caused by TF staff having to engage with so many of their members during our biggest event of the year. The worst-case scenario is everything falls out from under us and we have to close a task force, but I don’t think that will happen at our current growth rate! If anything, the opposite. Because of that, I’ve decided to open a new task force now.

I give you, the return of Task Force 47!


Task Force 47 has existed in Bravo Fleet previously; I think I was either BFCO or BFXO when it was originally created! This time around, Task Force 47 will be the Fourth Fleet’s Pathfinding unit and will be exploring the area between Ferengi, Breen, and Cardassian space past the Badlands, out of Deep Space 47. More details on this area of space will be released in the coming weeks and months, but I want to thank our industrious Loremaster, LadyBlue, and the Lore Office for cranking it into high gear to get this information ready!

With the deployment (redeployment?!) of Task Force 47, its also been discussed and agreed upon a reshuffling of the task force staff to put fresh faces in new places. The new Task Force staff makeup will be:

Congratulations to Brendan (Andreus Kohl) on joining the BFC and to Darth (Francesca Shilo) for moving up to TFCO! We also welcome back Leah (Imya Jori). There is one task force staff role remaining in TF86, so if you’re interested in possibly applying, contact the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer, MJ to discuss it.

With the addition of Task Force 47, we’ll also be looking for a handful of volunteers (10 or so) who would be willing to transfer into Task Force 47! If you think that’s you, submit a transfer request today!