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A Competition Fix from TF86

April 26, 2021

This week TF86 is taking a break from border defence, counterinsurgency operations, and fighting galactic crime to bring you a few competitions that could well be worth a minute or ten of your time! We’ve got a jumpy one, a puzzley, a slidey one and a couple of Borg ones.

The first three, with a closing date of May 1st, are:

The jumpy one. 

Jump your way to safety after Starfleet rudely interrupt your illegal activities!

The puzzley one.

Among other atrocities, the House of D’Ghor has trashed the TF86 seal, help us put it back together!

The slidey one.

Clean up the polaron particles in main engineering!


There’s more. Andrew, TF86’s very own trumpeteering commander of Task Group 64, has also put together some Borg based writing competitions that are perfect for any of you looking to scratch that writing itch now that Archanis has wrapped!

The two scenarios, with a closing date of May 2nd are:

The Borg are everywhere!


Rescued Borg


Good luck everyone, let the fleet compete!