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Sim/Player of the Year and 4th Quarter Awards!

January 27, 2017

Players of Bravo Fleet, on behalf of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty and the Hall of Honours, I consider myself privledged to announce today the final awards for 2016.

Player of the Month – Quarter 4
Lt. Cmdr. David Stross
Executive Officer & Chief Engineer, USS Jericho

Sim of the Month – Quarter 4
USS Vindex, Task Force 9
Captain Claudia Ainscow, Commanding

Immediately following the 4th Quarter votes, the BFA immediately began deliberating on the yearly awards. As this was the first full year since the Hall of Honour was reactivated, it is safe to say that these decisions were far from easy. Here are the recipients of the 2016 Player and Sim of the Year!

2016 Player of the Year
Lt. Cmdr. David Stross

2016 Simulation of the Year
USS Vindex

Congratulations to the receipients, and to all of those who received Player and Sim of the Month throughout 2016. 2017 is already shaping up to be a great year. We look forward to seeing new names among the award winnners, not to mention the fantastic writing from all of our members!