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[SBB] Colloquium Mission Poster


Like the cover of a novel, the images we create to represent our Story Missions serve as an advertisement to readers, an incitement of excitement for writers, and a hint of things to come.

To serve this purpose aboard Starbase Bravo, you will create a mission poster for the mission “Colloquium“. Read the mission briefing and imagine how you would convey that story in a visually compelling manner. Any graphics-based program can be used, be it photoshop or powerpoint, or even screencaps from MS paint or word.  Many of the competition criteria focus on artistic vision as much as technical skill.

The winner or winners will be posted on the Starbase Bravo mission page!


  • Submit a mission poster that depicts the Starbase Bravo mission "Colloquium"
  • Entries will be judged using the following scoring system: 5 points for how it articulates the mission briefing, 5 points for visual depictions of futurism, 5 points for impact of colour, 5 points for impact of text used, and 5 points for composition and layout.
  • The winner will be determined by the highest score of points. If a tie-breaker is needed, then an extra 5 points will be used to judge how well it resonates with the visual language of Star Trek.
  • Entries must adhere to the Graphics Policy and Creative Integrity Policy


User ID Date Entry
Ryoko Takato 2545 2024-02-10 16:41:28
Callen Varro 2063 2024-02-10 16:21:23
Edward O'Gallagher 2688 2024-02-10 10:15:24

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