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There is something in the tree?


Walking through Starbase 86 you notice that everything is decorated in the theme of Christmas. But in one of the trees you notice something unique, something that is not common in trees but just fits.

Do you want to investigate?


  • Submissions must include a screenshot of the completed puzzle, including the time taken to complete it.
  • Entries will be graded by the time taken to complete the puzzle, with any ties broken by the time submitted.
  • The puzzle must be completed with 130 pieces and can not be adjusted.


User ID Date Entry
Aris Suin 2583 2022-12-29 23:07:38
Reva Sarrik 2185 2022-12-29 03:11:59
Luke Duncan 1759 2022-12-28 00:54:24
Aryanna Rigras 2486 2022-12-23 16:58:19

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