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Story Posters of Operation Blood Dilithium – Hard


Call them movie posters, call them book covers, call them story posters. What ever you call them they are works of art created to give us a glimpse into the writers mind.  But how well do you know them? Could you recreate them if the yeoman’s cat shredded the captains copy before he came back from his conference?

Your shredded pile of paper is at this location, good luck.

I would like to thank the creator of this art work VAdm Alexander Beckett. I am using the artwork with their permission for this competition.


  • Submissions must include a screenshot of the completed puzzle, including the time taken to complete it.
  • Entries will be graded by the time taken to complete the puzzle, with any ties broken by the time submitted.
  • The puzzle must be completed with all pieces and can not be adjusted.


User ID Date Entry
Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik 2121 2022-11-23 09:40:11
Imya Jori 10 2022-11-22 04:36:05
Th'lora Vehl 2240 2022-11-20 15:42:20
Ryoko Takato 2545 2022-11-20 12:53:21
Keranku Xorbun 2573 2022-11-19 21:24:36

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