TF93: Back To The Frontline


Task Force 93 is preparing to send a relief force into the former Romulan Neutral Zone, however, there are many in the old buffer that are not too keen to see a large Starfleet presence. With help from the engineers at Avalon Fleet Yards, the escorts assigned a number of prototype vessels to the relief force. They have been specially designed to take on the barrage of constant raids.

Take command of this relief force to and ensure they make it through. Along the way, ensure the escorts make it through to allow the relief force to reach their intended destinations.

Be prepared to have to merge classes together to undertake upgrades, purchase further ships and engage tough foes. Grab as many extras to help you with your simulation.

Be warned this mission will be long.

Good luck!

You can access the escorts here.


  • To win enter a screenshot showing the highest level you have achieved along with your other stats (gems, hearts & coins). The person with the highest in all categories will be our winner!
  • If there is a tie then the person who submits their screenshot in first to BFMS will be crowned our winner!


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