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Back To Basics: The Chief Engineers of Bravo Fleet


Character Creation / Development

The Operations Office will challenge members to create/develop characters for their primary commands. 

On BMFS, create or develop a biography for your fiction’s Chief Engineering Officer (or Chief Engineer) character. Bios will be judged on how much detail is included under each heading (e.g., biography, appearance, personality, history, service record.) Including an image(s) will further assist with points. 

For existing characters, these can be submitted but must include an update on them and what happened to them during the recent Century Storm campaign and the Sundred Wing FA (plus anything that has happened before, between and after these events). 

You must submit the link of your Chief Engineering Officer character on BFMS as part of the entry.

The Miracle Workers –  Chief Engineering Officer

The Chief Engineering Officer is the unit’s senior engineer, with ultimate responsibility for propulsive and structural systems. They set the duty schedules for their staff and need to be consulted on any change in the status of the ship’s systems to ensure they do not interfere with normal operations. Their duty station is most often in Main Engineering, but some captains prefer their engineer to be on the bridge during alert situations, and the engineering station there duplicates the engineering command functions in the engine room.


  • Biography: 5 points
  • Short Description: 5 points
  • Appearance: 10 points
  • History: 20 points
  • Service Record: 5 points
  • Image(s): 5 points
  • Total: 50 points


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