TF17: STO Hodos System Patrol


You are tasked with piloting a shuttle through the Hodos System to determine the extent of damage a passing Nebula has caused to the system. You will be required to take a shuttle at high speeds to evade the detection of enemy sensors. They will be watching your every move as soon as you enter the system. Use your skills as a Starfleet officer to professionally pilot through any obstacles and be ready for any potential fight that may happen.


  • Submit your screenshot through the competition screen. DO NOT USE THE GAMING SUBMISSION FORM!
  • Make sure that your lap time is visible in your screenshots as this will help determine your placement.
  • All placements will be judged by the combined average time of all entries as well as how many times you complete the patrol.


User ID Date Entry
James MacLeod 653 2022-02-12 23:16:02

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