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Homestead: Respite Fiction


Some of the most compelling writing in Star Trek came at times when characters weren’t on the bridge. Stories set during shore leave and other off-duty respites can be very important for developing our characters and helping them process what happens during big action scenes. Or in our case as a fleet, what’s happened in two epic fleet storylines.

This competition is all about shore leave and off-duty writing, and it’s pretty simple! All you have to do to submit to this competition is put a link in the competition submission box to your favorite shore leave or off-duty story you’ve written within the competition window (October 10 through December 12) that earned service ribbons, so any solo fiction writing or a solo post on a BFMS game.

Stories should be no more than 3,000 words and can either be stand-alone or part of a larger mission.


  • Submissions should be written as a BFMS story. To enter, put a link to that story in the competition submission box.
  • Stories must have been awarded service ribbons (ergo solo writing).
  • Stories must have been composed between October 10, 2021 and December 12, 2021.
  • Stories will be graded based on adherence to lore, creativity, how well character personalities come through, and uniqueness. Proofreading is important, but errors that don't impact readability will only be used to break ties.
  • Stories must not be longer than 3,000 words.
  • Entires that include the full text of the story directly in the submission will be disqualified.


User ID Date Entry
Th'lora Vehl 2240 2021-12-11 14:25:49
Erill'Yun Mek 2187 2021-12-10 06:37:11
Imya Jori 10 2021-12-04 17:14:55
R’Tor 2309 2021-11-06 01:46:06
Maxwell Stafford 837 2021-10-30 16:13:38
Alexander Beckett 1036 2021-10-19 21:11:55

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