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TF17 : First Contact Crossword Pop Quiz


When exploring the borders of knowledge, it’s important to reflect on the experiences of the past to help guide future experiences. As the United Federation of Planet’s exploratory arm, Starfleet engages with numerous First Contacts each year while exploring the galaxy. Some are a peaceful meeting of kindred explorers, others are unfortunate missteps that eventual grow into solid relations. Some unfortunately are hostile encounters and others yet represent the darkest horrors of the cosmos.

A Starfleet officer is wise to study previous these events, to learn how to handle such a situation and make the best of them, for you only get once chance at First Contact. After that, we send in the Second Contact guys and it’s easier on them if they’re not getting shot at.

So we’ve set a little challenge for our learned officer corps – a crossword based around notable facts gleamed from First Contacts throughout history.

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